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Max financial rate up to 6.01%, increasing monthly

HaoBTC provides innovative and well-rounded solutions for global Bitcoin users and investors.

Your BTC Saving Account

Your interest comes from our multi-MW datacenters that are equivalent to mints in the world of Bitcoin.

Lightspeed Transfer

Super fast and easy to transfer bitcoin to anyone of anywhere.

Buy and Sell Made Easier

Our proprietary algorithm enables users to expect to always buy or sell at the most favorable prices.

Pro Exchange

Using international standard maker-taker system, great depth and quick exchange guranteed.

You demand, we deliver.


We publicize real-time hashrate via Btckan, leading Chinese BTC portal.
Our total hashrate at the moment is 111,190 T/S.


Security is the lifeline of our Business.
To ensure ultimate security, we employ HSM(hardware encryption),
multi-signature technology security and industry-grade cold storage.
Our security measures are as sound as the Bitcoin protocol itself.


Strong Team, Even Stronger Track Record.
Our team decades of IT experience to the table. Our tech team worked at
globally renown IT companies such as Microsoft and Baidu. Our service has been running for over a year with no incident.

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GT Chow@GT Chow


Da Hongfei@Da Hongfei


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Guo Hua, who manages a separate nearby facility with about 10,000 machines for the Beijing-based company HaoBTC, and his colleague, Guo Yongzhi, just 21 years old, round out the diners. There is camaraderie, not rivalry, among this group. They all have a stake in the industry's future.

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